Young people
and natural science

Natural Science Week was created by the erkrath initial e.V. association to provide students from both of Erkrath’s secondary schools with insights into the world of natural science/technical careers. Lucom partners with Natural Science Week to let ninth-graders passionate about IT explore the working world of IT specialists during this annual event.

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Planetvalue is a social network that connects people and invites them to shape and implement social projects together. Planetvalue particularly promotes ‘corporate volunteering’ or civic engagement undertaken by companies. Founded in 2012 by Lutz Leßmann, the CEO of Lucom GmbH, Planetvalue is a non-profit limited liability company solely committed to the pursuit of charitable endeavours. Our team designed and developed Planetvalue as well as the Planetvalue apps on the basis of the Lucom Interactive Platform. In addition to assigning Planetvalue gGmbH licences for free, Lucom also provides all the associated services pro bono.

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Personal experience has shown us how fulfilling volunteer work can be. Jointly implementing projects with our employees enriches the entire team and deepens our sense of solidarity. We've found that our team has the most fun with projects that go far beyond our usual field of activities. We love to roll up our sleeves and get to work, whether we're constructing a touring exhibition, painting a boy scout lodge or restoring children’s bicycles.

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