Public Administration

From the cradle to the grave - forms, forms, forms ! The public adminstration has always been inextricably linked with forms, and they are still used to facilitate structured communication between companies, citizens and public authorities.


Since the introduction of the FormsForWeb form management system as part of the “BundOnline 2005“ project, public authorities have also been able to enjoy the advantages of web-based data acquisition with interactive forms: Internal and external communications are considerably simplified, complex application procedures are more logically structured, data quality increases dramatically and the need for further clarification is eliminated. In short: processes and services are faster and more transparent.


Many administrative processes at federal, federal state and local government level are successfully implemented with the FormsForWeb Server. Taking the public services' many different ideas and requirements into account, Lucom continued to optimise the FormsForWeb technology and it has now been upgraded to the Lucom Interaction Platform.



Application Examples

  • Modelling of paper forms (e.g. applications): Filling out, signing, sending, approval, rejection…
  • Parallel use of paper and electronic forms (scanning in of paper applications)
  • Application-based procedures